Why Thailand?

Moon over Bangkok
Moonrise over Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailand is uniquely positioned to become the de facto standard platform for the global cannabis industry because only Thailand offers all five of these critical benefits: Legal, Tropical, Strains, Industrialized, Low-cost, and Stable.

  1. Legal: Thailand has legalized the production, processing, and export of cannabis for medical purposes (effective in 2019).
  1. Tropical: Thailand, being in the tropics, has 12 hours of sunlight every day, and 12 hours of darkness every night.
    1. Light deprivation is never needed.
    2. Supplemental heat is never needed.
    3. Clones can be vegged in lighted greenhouses and then transplanted outdoors, year-round, to flower under the 12/12 sun.
    4. In the tropics, cannabis can be perennial. Southeast Asia’s massive cannabis trees have been known to live for decades, producing enormous flower harvests year after year after year. The combination of perennial cannabis and mechanical harvesting will increase ROI far beyond what is possible in the temperate zone.
  1. Strains: Thailand has more native strains (“landraces”) than any other jurisdiction, enabling the development of new, patentable strains with every possible combination of THC/CBD ratio, terpenes, flavors, etc. Developed over dozens of generations by Thailand’s patient farmers, they were once among the most potent and delicious cannabis strains in the world, while also being well-adapted to Thailand’s prime cannabis-growing regions.
    • Western breeders are prone to saying, “Thai Stick was the best cannabis in the world back in the 1970’s, but that was 40 years ago. Western strains are much better now.” This implies that Thailand’s strains have not been improved in the meantime. That is false.
    • Thailand’s modern strains are not yet publicly available. When they become available, you will see what we already know: Thailand’s modern strains blow the doors off of the West’s strains in flavor, potency, and balance.
  1. Industrialized: Growing cannabis is just the start. We at the Thai Cannabis Corporation are laser-focused on producing cannabis oils, extracts, and isolates to be used as ingredients by makers of topicals (health & beauty products), edibles (packaged food & beverages), and medicinals (Western pharmaceuticals & traditional/alternatives). Thailand already has a broad industrial base that manufacturers and exports products in all of these categories. Thailand can make electronic vape pens and cartridges, and fill them; add CBD isolate to energy drinks, and export them; add CBD oil to cosmetics and massage oils, package them (white label), and deliver them to your overseas warehouse – with every step being GMP, HACCP, and ISO compliant. Thailand offers all these value-chain links within a single jurisdiction, simplifying your logistics.
  1. Low-cost: Thailand’s per capita GDP is $5900/year, 1/10th of the USA’s, with a minimum wage of just $11/day. Electricity rates are comparable to those in the USA (9 cents per kWh).
  1. Stable: Your investment is safe in Thailand. Thailand has no civil wars, guerilla uprisings, drug cartels, etc. Thailand is economically stable and eager for Foreign Direct Investment, with no restrictions on the repatriations of profits or dividends. Thailand was recently ranked #1 as the “Best Country to Start a Business” by US News and World Report. Thailand’s “ease of doing business” ranking is the best, outside of Canada, among those nations that have announced an intent to export cannabis.

Together, these considerations make it possible for the Thai Cannabis Corporation to produce cured international-standard cannabis bud, at scale, for just 5 cents per gram ($1.42/ounce, $22.72/pound, $50/kg). Our costs are so low that, if it were legal, we could profitably sell bud in the USA at a retail price that was less than the USA’s cost of production.

Finally: In North America and Europe, prices are expected to fall “precipitously,” making cannabis production there uneconomic. Only by shifting the least-profitable links of your global supply chain to Thailand can your cannabis brand survive the coming global commoditization bloodbath.

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