Cannabis: Thinking Big and Moving Fast (the “BigFast Plan”)

The Thai Cannabis Corporation humbly proposes a strategic plan for Thailand’s cannabis industry, named: Cannabis: Thinking Big and Moving Fast (also conveniently called the “BigFast Plan”).

The key goals of the BigFast Plan are:

  1. Avoiding the usual (terrible) problems with agricultural supply chains in the tropics (as with cocoacoffee, and vanilla), and instead, establishing an ethical supply chain for cannabis.
  2. Capturing Thailand’s fair share of the global cannabis industry’s profits.

By achieving these goals, every Thai will benefit, and every Thai will be treated with respect.

The Thai Cannabis Corporation respectfully requests suggested improvements on this plan from stakeholders in Thailand’s cannabis industry, and their participation in the future development of this Plan.

Please use the “Contact Us” page on this website to send suggestions for improving the Plan.

Thank you for reading this Plan and sending your suggestions for its improvement.

— Jim Plamondon, VP/Marketing, Thai Cannabis Corporation


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