Sustainable Cannabis Platform™

I applaud the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP), launched by in late 2011 by IRRI and UNEP, for reaching critical mass, with its Standard on Sustainable Rice Cultivation becoming the de facto standard for rice production in the developing world.

  • SRP Mission: To promote resource efficiency and sustainability in the global rice sector through an alliance that links research, production, policy making, trade and consumption.
  • SRP Vision: One million rice smallholders adopt sustainable best practices in rice production, boosting farm incomes and protecting our environment through an alliance that drives innovation and creates shared value.

With the re-legalization of cannabis sweeping the world, it is rapidly becoming clear that a similar platform, with a similar mission and goals, is needed for cannabis: a “Sustainable Cannabis Platform™” (SCP™). However, a Google search for “Sustainable Cannabis Platform” turned up only one hit, and none that were focused on anything like the project proposed herein.

If no one else is doing it, and it needs to be done, then… that leaves me. So, with this blog post, I am starting the Sustainable Cannabis Platform Project (“SCP Project”), the goal of which is to develop the Sustainable Cannabis Platform. I hereby claim the trademark on the phrase “Sustainable Cannabis Platform”.

The SCP Project’s initial goal is to define its mission and vision. Should they be exactly the same as the SRP’s mission and vision, substituting “cannabis” for “rice”?

I suspect that a LOT of debate went into the definition of SRP’s mission and vision. This suggests that the SCP Project could save a lot of time and headaches, and maximize its chances of getting support from the SRP’s supporters, simply by adopting the SRP’s mission and vision. However, the SRP was attempting to fix a legal crop’s broken supply chain. The SCP Project has the opportunity to get a newly-legal supply chain “RIGHT from the start” — that is, to do it justly & properly from the outset. This different opportunity may require a different vision and mission.

Now, I invite the Members of (and critics of) the Sustainable Rice Project to comment on what the Mission and Vision of the SCP should be, given their experience with the SRP. Please send your comments to me at I hope to hear from you soon!