“Thailand Twist” Relieves Aussies’ Pain

A new path to medical cannabis — the “Thailand Twist” — may relieve the suffering of millions of Australians with chronic pain.

According to a recent report from Deloitte, 3.24 million Australians suffer from chronic pain. In a recent survey of chronic pain sufferers by Pain Australia, 85% indicated that they wanted to explore the option of using legally-prescribed medical cannabis to treat their pain. If that survey is indicative, thn that’s (.85*3.24 million=) 2.75 million Australians that would like the option of using medical cannabis to treat their pain.

However, despite some states’ recent streamlining of the procedures for prescribing medical cannabis, at most 30,000 Australians — just 1% of its chronic pain sufferers — are predicted to have that option in 2019.

For the other 99%, a new option has opened up, due to the recent legalization of medical cannabis in Thailand: the “Thailand Twist.”

On 8th April, Jim Plamondon — arriving in Perth — was the first returning Australian ever to bring Thai-prescribed, Thai-legal medical cannabis into Australia under Australia’s Traveller’s Exemption.

“The precedent is now set for other Australians to follow,” Jim said. “If they suffer from any of the 38 medical conditions for which Thailand’s doctors can prescribe cannabis — including chronic pain — then they can visit Thailand, go to a cannabis-certified doctor, and bring home a three-month supply of Thai-prescribed and Thai-legal medical cannabis, declaring it to Australian Customs and claiming it under the Traveller’s Exemption as I did. Do this ‘Thailand Twist‘ every three months, and you can have medical cannabis year-round, without battling the Australian government’s broken medical cannabis scheme.”

Credible scientific evidence for medical cannabis is mounting.

  • More than two years ago, the USA’s National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine concluded that there was “substantial evidence that cannabis is effective for the treatment for chronic pain” and “moderate evidence that cannabinoids… are an effective treatment to improve [insomnia] associated with… chronic pain.”
  • In January 2019, the World Health Organization officially recommended rescheduling cannabis to be more widely available, and clarified that cannabidiol (CBD) — a kind of medical cannabis — was not restricted internationally and should not be restricted nationally.
  • In February 2019, the European Parliament passed a resolution “calling on Member States to allow doctors to make free use of their professional judgement in prescribing regulatory-approved cannabis-based medicines to patients with relevant conditions, and to allow pharmacists to lawfully honour those prescriptions.”

Yet, according to Jim, “since legalizing medical cannabis in 2017, the Australian government has been bowling Bodyline against Australia’s medical cannabis patients. The government’s love of red tape has burdened patients with more weight than Phar Lap. In our opinion is unsportsmanlike. It’s time for Australia’s government to give Australian battlers a fair go at medical cannabis, by making cannabis as easy for family GP’s (not just specialists!) to prescribe as codeine, and as easy for pharmacists to supply. Until then, the only legal hope for the 2.75 million Australian chronic pain patients who want to access medical cannabis legally is the Thailand Twist.”

While the Thailand Twist is simple in theory, there are many very important details. As just one example, it would be a grave mistake to return from Thailand to Australia via Singapore, where cannabis is completely illegal even in the international airport’s transit zone, and punishment is harsh.

To ensure that your Thailand Twist is “safe and effective,” visit www.ThailandTwist.com, and register your email address and other details. We’ll let you know when and how you can dance your pain away with the Thailand Twist! 🙂