Thais, come home!

You’re one of the 300,000 Thai citizens living in North America. There, you gained experience working in North America’s legal cannabis industry. Now, Big Cannabis is squeezing out North America’s smaller companies, so you’re looking for new opportunities.

Please allow me to suggest: Look to Thailand, and specifically, to the Thai Cannabis Corporation. Join us, and grow with Thailand’s cannabis industry!

As you may know, Thailand legalized medical cannabis early this year (2019), and it aspires to be among the world’s leading growers of top-quality cannabis… but it needs your help!

Because cannabis has been illegal here in Thailand for decades, no one here has any experience with a legal cannabis industry. WE NEED YOU to please come (back) to Thailand, join us, and help us build a cannabis industry that improves the world with every hit™.

If you are a Thai citizen with hands-on experience with any cannabis-focused job, then please, send your CV to If you speak Thai, all the better. If not, come home and learn! 🙂