Former Head of UN Drug Board to Lead Thai Cannabis Corporation

14th February 2020

Bangkok, Thailand – Today, Dr. Viroj Sumyai, one of the world’s leading experts on international trade in controlled substances, was named President of the Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC), firmly establishing TCC as the flagship of Thailand’s cannabis industry.

Dr. Sumyai, a Thai citizen, recently completed his second term as elected President of the United Nations (UN) International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), of which he has been a Member since 2001. The INCB oversees the UN member nations’ compliance with the UN’s international drug control treaties. These treaties enforce the suppression of illegal drugs while facilitating the global availability of legal medicines. Before joining the INCB, Dr. Sumyai was Assistant Secretary-General of Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates all foods, drugs, psychotropic substances, narcotics, medical devices, and cosmetics made within, imported into, and exported from, Thailand. Dr. Sumyai is a clinical pharmacologist and the author of nine books in this field.

“Over the last decade,” said Dr. Sumyai, “the clinical effectiveness of medicinal cannabis has been scientifically proven. Last year, Thailand legalized the medicinal use of cannabis. Today, I am assuming the Presidency of the Thai Cannabis Corporation so that, in the future, TCC can supply the people of Thailand – and Asia – with safe, effective, and affordable formulations of this ancient Thai medicine.”

“We are honored to have someone as internationally respected as Dr. Sumyai join TCC,” said Sukanlaya Land, TCC’s Co-Founder and majority shareholder. “He is already known and trusted by the heads of every nation’s Health Ministry, FDA, and National Health Service, pharmacy chain, and pharmaceutical distributor. When Thailand’s own people’s needs have been met, and Thailand allows the exportation of medicinal cannabis, TCC will be ready.”

Asked why he chose to join TCC rather than a Thai conglomerate, Dr. Sumyai replied “I joined TCC because it is committed to returning Thailand’s cannabis industry to rural farmers by combining TCC’s proprietary CannaLand™ System, the government’s Thailand 4.0 plan, and the late King Bhumibol’s New Theory of the Sufficiency Economy. Because TCC has sustainability at the core of its business model. Because TCC has well-developed plans for farmer-training centers all around Thailand, to ensure that its medicinal cannabis meets international standards for Good Agricultural and Collection Practices for Medicinal Plants (GACP). Because TCC has been helping Thailand’s government – for a decade – make plans to establish Thailand as the world’s most profitable producer of top-quality medicinal cannabis. Because other companies offered more money, but TCC offered more impact. It was a very easy decision.”

Jim Plamondon, TCC’s Vice President of Marketing, said that “Dr. Sumyai’s Presidency firmly establishes TCC as the flagship of Thailand’s cannabis industry. With his leadership, pharmaceutical distributors within Thailand across the globe can confidently trust that TCC’s cannabis products – although affordable – will meet their national standards. We expect that TCC’s unique combination of affordability, high quality, and unrivaled trust will establish Thailand as Asia’s most profitable exporter of medicinal cannabis products, thus supporting TCC’s commitment to sustainability.”

“The appointment of Dr. Sumyai as President of TCC instantly makes Thailand the most credible exporter of medicinal cannabis,” said Marcel Ewals, Co-Initiator of the Thai Cannabis Industry Association. “His appointment raises the bar of the new Thai Cannabis Industry Association and will lift the global performance of Thailand’s entire cannabis industry.”

According to TCC’s Co-Founder Don Land, “Dr. Sumyai has already lined up a team of world-class managers to help him lead TCC. Expect more announcements soon.”

About the Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC)

TCC was founded 2010 by Don Land (US Citizen) and his wife, Sukanlaya Land (Thai Citizen). For a decade, TCC acted as an informal advisor to Thailand’s government regarding global cannabis strategy, policy, law, regulation, cultivation, processing, products, and marketing. Today, TCC is Thailand’s flagship cannabis company, with its headquarters in Khon Buri and offices in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

About Dr. Viroj Sumyai

Citizen of Thailand. Born in 1953. National of Thailand. Retired Assistant Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health of Thailand, and clinical pharmacologist. Professor, Mahidol University (since 2001). Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry (1976), Chiang Mai University. Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy (1979), Manila Central University. Master’s degree in clinical pharmacology (1983), Chulalongkorn University. Apprenticeship in narcotic drugs epidemiology at St. George’s University of London (1989). Doctor of Philosophy, Health Policy and Administration (2009), National Institute of Administration. Member of the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand. Member of the Pharmacological and Therapeutic Society of Thailand. Member of the Thai Society of Toxicology. Author of nine books. Recipient, Prime Minister’s Award for Drug Education and Prevention (2005). Member of the International Narcotics Control Board (since 2010). Member (2010-2016 and 2019) and Chair (2012, 2014 and 2016) of the Standing Committee on Estimates. Chair of the Committee on Finance and Administration (2011 and 2013). Second Vice-President of the Board (2012, 2014 and 2016). President of the Board (2017-2018).

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