Now Open: TCC’s 1st Clinic

Bangkok, 28th February 2022 – The Kiriwong Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic and Pharmacy, in Wat Kiriwong located at Bang Maphrao, Lang Suan District, Chumphon 86110, is now licensed, staffed, open Friday through Sunday each week, and accepting new patients. It is the first clinic in the new Thai Traditional Therapies and Treatments Network (4TN).

The announcement was made by Luk Sai Don Land, Grand Monk Administrator of Thai Traditional Therapies and Treatments at Wat Kiriwong as appointed by Wat Kiriwong’s High Teacher Khwanchai Akkachayo.

“For more than two thousand years,” explained Luk Sai Don Land, “Thai people have come to Buddhist temples to improve their spiritual and physical well-being. The monks provide their healing services for free and are pleased when people donate what they can. Recently, the rest of the world has started to realize the therapeutic benefits of Thailand’s traditional herbs, including cannabis and kratom. The Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC) has been appointed and mandated to make these newly-legal Thai Traditional Therapies and Treatments available to as many people as possible within Thailand and around the world to improve global well-being.”

TCC’s new Thai Traditional Therapies and Treatments Network (4TN) connects the entire supply chain – regulators, farmers, curers, extractors, product manufacturers, wholesalers, clinics, pharmacies, and patients, within Thailand’s wat system and beyond – to make Thailand’s newly-legal cannabis and kratom industry work for everyone.

Mrs. Sukanlaya “Aey” Land, wife of Luk Sai Don Land and Co-Founder of TCC and 4TN, stated “As a farmer and practitioner of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, it has been my honour to work with Grand Monk Khwanchai Akkachayo and other Grand Monks, along with the related government ministries, farmers, clinicians, pharmacies, and other stakeholders, to bring 4TN into existence on Thailand’s behalf. The people and the Kingdom of Thailand can rely on the Land family and 4TN to serve their needs with respect.”

For more information on how joining 4TN might benefit you, please contact us.


Mrs. Sukanlaya “Aey” Land co-founded the Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC) with her husband, the American cannabis expert Mr. Don Land, in 2010. At that time, all varieties of the Cannabis sativa L. plant, including hemp and marijuana, were illegal to grow or use in Thailand. The Land family’s dream was to help legalize cannabis and to bring its benefits to Thailand’s patients, medicinal practitioners, and farmers. With the opening of 4TN’s first Clinic, the Land family’s decade of hard work is finally turning their dream into reality.

Figure 1: The seal of Wat Kiriwong. Note the photo of High Teacher Khwanchai Akkachayo, the wat’s current Grand Monk, just above the seal’s text.
Figure 2: Mr. Don Land (left) receiving the title Luk Sai (Grand Monk Administrator) from High Teacher Khwanchai Akkachayo (right) at Wat Kiriwong. Luk Sai Don Land is, out of respect for his heritage, wearing the traditional attire of America’s cannabis experts.