COVID: We Survived!

The COVID years were tough on everyone, including Thailand’s cannabis industry. Here at TCC, pre-COVID, we had attracted executive talent, potential investors, and sell-through deals based on Thailand’s recent (by late 2020) and expected (in 2021 and 2022) progress in issuing regulations and licenses for the commercial production of cannabis (both hemp and marijuana).

However, when the pandemic hit, Thailand’s government shifted its focus to COVID — quite reasonably! — and therefore, away from cannabis. The regulations and licenses that we expected were, as a result, delayed for most of two years.

Now, in early 2022, these regulations and licenses have, at last, started being issued.

Despite two very tough (and hence news-free) years, TCC remains the flagship of Thailand’s legal cannabis industry. Its business model remains robust; it is building new partnerships; and it is on a path to profitability. TCC’s Founders, Don & Suki Land, spent the COVID Years meeting (virtually and in person) with their extensive networks across Thailand, re-invigorating old relationships and building new ones. Now, post-COVID, those efforts are bearing fruit, as you will see in future posts to this blog.