COVID: We Survived!

The COVID years were tough on everyone, including Thailand's cannabis industry. Here at TCC, pre-COVID, we had attracted executive talent, potential investors, and sell-through deals based on Thailand's recent (by late 2020) and expected (in 2021 and 2022) progress in issuing regulations and licenses for the commercial production of cannabis (both hemp and marijuana). However,… Continue reading COVID: We Survived!

The THAI Scenario

New Zealand’s economic analysts have been working overtime to estimate the value of legalizing cannabis to New Zealand’s economy. The AgriBusiness Group estimated the potential retail value of NZ’s medical cannabis at $360 million.NZIER estimated the New Zealand government’s potential cannabis taxes at $490 million.BERL estimated the potential retail value of all cannabis in NZ… Continue reading The THAI Scenario

Make Australia Stop Killing Aussies

The Australian Government's criminal negligence in the design and administration of its medical cannabis access scheme killed hundreds of older Australians last year. It is killing hundreds more this year. It will continue killing Australians until Australia's voters compel Australia's politicians, bureaucrats, and government agencies to make it easy for every Australian GP to prescribe medical cannabis, every Australian pharmacist to stock it, and every suffering Australian to get it.