The THAI Scenario

New Zealand’s economic analysts have been working overtime to estimate the value of legalizing cannabis to New Zealand’s economy. The AgriBusiness Group estimated the potential retail value of NZ’s medical cannabis at $360 million.NZIER estimated the New Zealand government’s potential cannabis taxes at $490 million.BERL estimated the potential retail value of all cannabis in NZ… Continue reading The THAI Scenario

Former Head of UN Drug Board to Lead Thai Cannabis Corporation

14th February 2020 Bangkok, Thailand – Today, Dr. Viroj Sumyai, one of the world’s leading experts on international trade in controlled substances, was named President of the Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC), firmly establishing TCC as the flagship of Thailand’s cannabis industry. Dr. Sumyai, a Thai citizen, recently completed his second term as elected President of… Continue reading Former Head of UN Drug Board to Lead Thai Cannabis Corporation

Open House and Music Festival

Big event for the Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC) on Friday, 14th February: a combination Valentine's Day event, music festival, 10th Year Anniversary (yes, TCC was founded in 2010), and Grand Opening of our new headquarters and cannabis-ready farm. Perhaps most importantly, we're announcing TCC's new President. Really, though, it's just a big family-oriented party, celebrating… Continue reading Open House and Music Festival

Thais, come home!

You're one of the 300,000 Thai citizens living in North America. There, you gained experience working in North America's legal cannabis industry. Now, Big Cannabis is squeezing out North America's smaller companies, so you're looking for new opportunities. Please allow me to suggest: Look to Thailand, and specifically, to the Thai Cannabis Corporation. Join us,… Continue reading Thais, come home!