Thais, come home!

You're one of the 300,000 Thai citizens living in North America. There, you gained experience working in North America's legal cannabis industry. Now, Big Cannabis is squeezing out North America's smaller companies, so you're looking for new opportunities. Please allow me to suggest: Look to Thailand, and specifically, to the Thai Cannabis Corporation. Join us,… Continue reading Thais, come home!

Make Australia Stop Killing Aussies

The Australian Government's criminal negligence in the design and administration of its medical cannabis access scheme killed hundreds of older Australians last year. It is killing hundreds more this year. It will continue killing Australians until the survivors of these wrongful deaths band together in a class action lawsuit and convince an Australian court to compel Australia's politicians, bureaucrats, and government agencies to make it easy for every Australian GP to prescribe medical cannabis, every Australian pharmacist to stock it, and every suffering Australian to get it.