Cannabis: the new vanilla

Whether you like or loathe vanilla, you can't deny that it's everywhere and in everything. You might think that it would be great for cannabis to be "the new vanilla." It wouldn't. It would be terrible for North America's cannabis industry, and perhaps even worse for cannabis farmers in developing countries. I will explain this by analogy between cannabis and the "vanilla flavoring" industry.

Cannabis: Thinking Big and Moving Fast (the “BigFast Plan”)

The Thai Cannabis Corporation humbly proposes a strategic plan for Thailand's cannabis industry, named: Cannabis: Thinking Big and Moving Fast (also conveniently called the "BigFast Plan"). Executive Summary, in Thai (PDF, 2 pages): TCC Thinking Big THAI Executive Summary Complete Plan, in English (PDF, 12 pages): TCC Thinking Big ENGLISH COMPLETE The key goals of… Continue reading Cannabis: Thinking Big and Moving Fast (the “BigFast Plan”)

Global Cannabis Price Collapse

A global collapse in the price of psychoactive cannabis -- a "Global Cannabis Price Collapse" -- is inevitable. Figure 1 (below) shows a typical graph of the revenues forecasted for the USA's psychoactive cannabis industry, 2018-2027 (from data published by BDS Analytics, Marijuana Business Daily, New Frontier Data and New Leaf Data Services). Figure 1: Typical forecast… Continue reading Global Cannabis Price Collapse

What is “psychoactive cannabis”?

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At least 113 different naturally-occuring chemical compounds classified as "cannabinoids" have been isolated from plants of the species Cannabis sativa L. Many of these affect the functioning of the human brain, which is the textbook definition of "psychoactive." However, when discussing cannabis, the word "psychoactive" tends to be used to describe only one such effect: "getting… Continue reading What is “psychoactive cannabis”?