Fair(er) Trade Options for the Cannabis Market

The report, "Fair(er) Trade Options for the Cannabis Market," was just released today (21st March) by Cannabis Innovate. Its recommendations line up perfectly with those proposed by TCC in its strategic blueprint for Thailand's cannabis industry, "Cannabis: Thinking Big and Moving Fast." TCC will post a Thai translation of this report here when it becomes… Continue reading Fair(er) Trade Options for the Cannabis Market

TCC’s “Brand Activism” Checklist

Today, I found an interesting post on CannaVentures’ blog, entitled “Brand Activism™: Checklist for cannabis brands.” Its suggestions seemed wise, so I walked through its checklist for the Thai Cannabis Corporation, with the results below. Paragraphs in italics are quotes directly from the Brand Activism™ blog post.  Key Benefit. Too often, the benefit cannabis brands… Continue reading TCC’s “Brand Activism” Checklist