Cannabis or Medical Cannabis is from the hemp plant with THC and CBD levels higher than 1% THC. This is a regulated crop with strict requirements for cultivation and security. It can only be grown by licensed farms linked to commercial distribution networks.

Currently the predominance of the Cannabis Cultivation in Thailand is being undertaken under research licenses usually in partnership with Universities. This is a great first step for the industry in many regards but this has one significant drawback – the growing cannot be commercialized.

There are a very few commercial cannabis cultivation licenses in Thailand at this time. TCC is developing this network closely with the Thai FDA and Thai authorities. Please see news for information on this.

Grow Partnerships

TCC is actively seeking to attract commercial and individual cannabis experts to grow cannabis with TCC and network farms in Thailand under commercial licenses. Please contact us for more information and please tell us about yourself. Space is limited and we are looking for the best of the best to help us to develop the national Cannabis industry domestically and internationally.

For more information, please see this website’s Grow Partnerships page.

Business Processing

Within the new network for the cultivation of Cannabis, TCC has commercial processing licenses and business park space. Are you looking to develop your cannabis product or factory in Thailand? We want to hear from you. We can and will develop the cultivation volume for your factory under commercial license and we will provide all of the commercial processing licenses for the right companies. Please contact us by email