Q: Are you looking for investors?
A: No. We have recently closed a funding round that will carry us through the acquisition of cultivation permits.

Q: How can you expand so rapidly?
A: By partnering with contract farmers. These farmers already understand the cannabis plant. We will learn as much from them as they learn from us. We’ll supply greenhouse-vegged clones, help the farmers plant them outdoors under Thailand’s tropical sun, help them maintain the plants for maximum quality, and then buy the raw flowers back a few weeks later, year-round. We’ll have “demonstration” farms, too, but most of our product will come from smallholder farmers. We’re buying their bud, not buying or renting their land. That allows us to expand our production rapidly, with a high return on assets.

Q: So… you’re growing all of your cannabis outdoors?
A: Yes, after vegging the clones in simple, low-cost greenhouses. Here in the tropics we get sunlight for 12 hours and darkness for 12 hours, year-around, which is perfect for flowering outdoors.

Q: You’re only growing Thailand’s native strains (“landraces”)?
A: Yes…and no. It is our understanding of Thai law that it is only legal to grow, in Thailand, (a) Thailand’s native strains, and/or (b) non-native strains that have been recently back-crossed with one or more of Thailand’s native strains. Our access to Thailand’s native strains (and Thailand’s extensive collection of other cannabis seeds) and our relationship with Maejo University (Thailand’s top agricultural research university) gives us a distinct competitive advantage in the breeding of new, patent-able strains. Most of the world’s current medical and/or adult-use commercial strains (a) contain Thai landrace genes, and (b) are overly-hybridized (ask any cannabis geneticist). We can back-cross these modern hybrids with their ancestral Thai forebears, to bring out the best qualities of both.

Q: Are Thailand’s native strains any good?
A: Yes. They are, in fact, legendary. Some of Thailand’s native strains are very high in THC; some are very high in CBD; most have a balance of both. Our early research will be to identify which are the most productive, and to make crosses of native and non-native strains that are even more productive…and then to ramp up production.

Q: Do you have all of your permits and licenses?
A: Not yet, but this isn’t California. There aren’t thousands of applicants. We’re at the head of a (very short) line.

Q: In what jurisdiction is your company registered?
A: The Thai Cannabis Corporation is a Thai company, registered in The Kingdom of Thailand.

Q: If it’s a Thai company, why are most of its leaders and Independent Directors Westerners?
A: Because our company is export-focused, so we are modelling our customers. Please do note that our VP/HR and CFO are Thai nationals. We expect to hire a lot of Thais soon.

Q: Is Thailand a “developed country”?
A: Almost. According to the World Bank, “Thailand has been one of the widely cited development success stories, with sustained strong growth and impressive poverty reduction.” Thailand was recently ranked as the 27th best country in the world (above Brazil, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, etc.). Thailand even has universal health care. Thailand is delightful. You should visit.

Q: Are you selling? I want to place a recurring order for 10 kilograms of 99.99% pure CBD isolate, 100 liters of full-spectrum CBD oil (with THC<0.5%), and [etc.].
A: No, we’re not taking orders, yet, sorry. However, we’d love to hear your detailed specifications, especially if you’re having trouble finding a reliable supplier of ingredients that meet your customers’ needs.

Q: Are you buying?
A: Yes. If you make any other equipment used in the large-scale production of cannabis (outdoors or in greenhouses), please contact us. We’re particularly interested in helping you explore the opportunity to shift some or all of your manufacturing to Thailand, which could make your products more internationally competitive. We’re going to be buying a lot of equipment over the next few years, and we will naturally tend to favor those companies who can best serve us here, locally, in Thailand.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Yes. If you have extensive experience with organic chemistry’s chemical engineering, or if you are a Thai citizen who has experience working in the cannabis industry (anywhere), then please, contact us at HR@ThaiCannabisCorporation.com.