FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What was announced on 24th August 2020?
A: The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to conduct research and development of Cannabis products in Thailand for commercial purposes, including Cannabis and Hemp products, was announced jointly by the Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC) and Thailand’s Maejo University (Maejo), which is a branch of Thailand’s government under Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation.

Q: What is the goal of the joint research project?
A: To identify and certify strains (cultivars) of the cannabis plant that are likely to be profitable when farmed outdoors in Thailand and in other nations with similarly tropical and mountainous terroir.

Q: What is the duration of the joint research project?
A: Five years.

Q: Is the agreement available online?
A: Yes. A scan of the signed and stamped original, in Thai, can be found here. An English translation can be found here.

Q: What is the division of labor in the research project?
A: Maejo will identify the best-performing strains of the cannabis plant, develop pure lines thereof, and certify the resulting strains. Maejo will also identify strains that are already certified in other jurisdictions, and certify them in Thailand. too. TCC will assist with cannabis agronomy and market research, pay a hefty fee to secure the exclusive right to multiply Maejo’s certified strains’ breeder seeds through the subsequent classes of foundation, registered, and certified seed, sell the certified seed in wholesale lots, and pay Maejo a royalty on the gross revenue derived from selling the seeds of said strains.

Q: Does this MOU further establish TCC as the flagship to Thailand’s commercial cannabis industry?
A: Yes. We look forward to serving Thailand to the best of our ability as we do our part in helping to build this new industry for the benefit of all of Thailand’s people.

Q: What are you selling?
A: We expect out first product to be the feminized seeds of certified low-THC hemp strains. Let’s imagine that you want to grow hemp for non-THC cannabinoids (such as CBD or CBG) across many hectares of farmland. You’ve bought cheap hemp seeds before, and had problems with them. This time, you’re considering paying more for top-quality certified-feminized seeds of certified cultivars—but such seeds are shockingly expensive when sourced from the developed world (Canada, the USA, the EU, etc.). Their cost is simply more than you can risk, given recent declines in the market price of high-cannabinoid hemp biomass. You need top quality seeds… at a rock bottom price. You are our target customer for such hemp seeds. Email us at seeds@ThaiCannabisCorporation.com.

Q: Why do you expect your feminized seeds to cost less?
A: For two reasons:

  • First, the cost of labor. Producing feminized seeds requires a lot of hand labor by skilled agricultural workers. Such labor is much less expensive in Thailand than in the rich nations of the temperate zone.
  • Second, terroir. In the temperate zone, seed producers can only harvest one crop per year outdoors; they must shift their operations indoors or into greenhouses to keep producing in the cold winter months and in the summer when the days are too long for cannabis to flower. However, in tropical Thailand, the days are always warm and 12 hours long, so we can harvest cannabis seeds year round, outdoors, with low-cost labor, making our feminized seeds much less expensive. Hemp farmers around the world will earn higher profits by planting their crops using our high-quality, low-cost feminized seeds.

Q: You’re only growing hemp seeds? Not seeds for medicinal marijuana?
A: Yes. If and when we are allowed, by Thailand’s government, to grow medicinal cannabis for its seeds, then we’ll add them to our product list.

Q: Do you have all necessary licenses?
A: Yes. Currently, we are operating under the licenses granted to our research and development partner, Maejo University, which is a branch of Thailand’s government via Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation.

Q: In what jurisdiction is your company registered?
A: Thailand. The Thai Cannabis Corporation is a Thai company, registered in The Kingdom of Thailand. Our headquarters is in Korat, and we have a branch office near Maejo University, north of Chiang Mai.

Q: Are you selling?
A: Yes. Just tell us strain you need, and we’ll add it to the queue. It may take us a while to ramp up production of the strain you want. However, here in the tropics, we can harvest a new outdoor-matured crop every month and expand easily without building expensive closed environments—so you can get your seeds faster and cheaper from us than from an indoor grower down in your own jurisdiction.

Q: Are you buying?
A: Yes. If you make any equipment used in the large-scale production of cannabis plants (outdoors or in greenhouses), cannabis flowers, and/or feminized seeds, or if you have particularly interesting cannabis strains/cultivars whose provenance you can prove, please contact us. We’re particularly interested in helping you explore the opportunity to shift the manufacturing of your equipment to Thailand, which could make your products more internationally competitive. We’re going to be buying a lot of equipment over the next few years, and we will naturally tend to favor those companies who can best serve us here, locally, in Thailand.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Yes. If you are a Thai citizen who has experience working in the cannabis industry, then please, contact us at HR@ThaiCannabisCorporation.com.

Q: Are you looking for investors?
A: Yes. If you are an accredited investor, please email us at invest@ThaiCannabisCorporation.com.

Q: Are Thailand’s landraces any good?
A: Yes. For medicinal purposes, they are, in fact, legendary.

Q: Do you have an online store?
A: No. Soon.

Q: Are your seeds certified by AOSCA?
A: No. Soon.