Maejo University (MJU)—a branch of Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation—is Thailand’s oldest agriculture-focused educational and research institution, founded in 1934. Located 14km north of Chiang Mai, in Thailand’s mountainous North, MJU is the ideal institution for researching the agriculture and agronomy of the cannabis plant in the tropics.

The Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC)—founded in 2010—first formalized its relationship with MJU in a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2017, which made TCC MJU’s exclusive commercial partner with regard to the agriculture and agronomy of the cannabis plant.

This relationship blossomed on 24th August 2020, with the signing of a contract in which TCC and Maejo agreed to undertake a joint public-private research project to identify and commercialize cultivars (also known as “strains”) of the cannabis plant which had the potential to be profitable when grown by farmers in Thailand and in other nations with similar climate, elevation, soil, etc. (collectively “terroir“). Maejo would certify the best cultivars, and TCC would have the exclusive right to multiply these certified cultivars’ seeds to make them available in wholesale quantities—including feminized seeds. For this exclusive right, TCC would pay a royalty to Maejo.

It is expected that:

  • Seeds of these certified cultivars, and clones thereof, will provide the foundation of Thailand’s cannabis-plant industry.
  • Because TCC’s costs of production are so much lower than those of seed producers in the developed world, hemp farmers in the temperate zone (e.g., Canada, the USA, Europe, and Australia) will become more profitable if they plant using TCC’s feminized seeds of certified temperate-zone hemp cultivars.

The Thai Cannabis Corporation looks forward to expanding its relationship with Maejo University in the years to come, thereby helping MJU further its vision of being an internationally recognized leading university in agricultural excellence and furthering TCC’s mission of improving your world with the cannabis plant.