You are just three steps away from registering for medical cannabis in Thailand!

Step 1: Please study this list of medical conditions for which doctors in Thailand can legally prescribe cannabis for medical use: the “qualifying conditions.”

If you have at least one of these qualifying conditions, then please accept our sympathies, and our best wishes for your complete and speedy recovery.

The good news is that, because you have at least one qualifying condition, we should be able to help you acquire medical cannabis here in Thailand and also (depending on where you live) bring it back to your home country legally.

Step 2: Please enter your email, date of birth, and current address below.

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If, for whatever reason, registration of your email address fails, please let us know by completing our “Contact Us” form.

When Thailand’s laws, regulations, and cannabis-supplies allow us to start registering patients for medical cannabis, you will receive an email from us. The email will ask you to fill out a more detailed form, after which we can help you book a consultation with a doctor here in Thailand. If that doctor diagnoses you as having at least one of the qualifying conditions, then you will be given a prescription for medical cannabis, which you will be able to fill at a nearby dispensary. You will be able to use that prescription medication to treat our condition(s) while in Thailand and, if your home country’s laws allow, take some home with you, too. 🙂