1 November 2018: Time, Thailand Mulls Becoming the First Country in Asia to Legalize Medical Marijuana. (From AFP, below.)

31 October 2018: AFP, Thailand blazes ahead with push to legalise medical marijuana use. Excerpt: “Today, Thailand can produce awesome cannabis at a fraction of the cost of Western growers,” said Jim Plamondon, VP of Marketing at the Thai Cannabis Corporation, described as the country’s first legal marijuana firm. “Tomorrow, Thailand will reclaim its cultural legacy, by becoming the world’s leading grower, processor, and manufacturer of cannabis products,” he said. “Any company that is serious about cannabis should start moving its supply chain to Thailand.”

17 July 2018: Bloomberg, Thailand Wants to Have Its (Hash) Cake and Eat It Too. Excerpt: “Thailand, known for its tough policies against drug trafficking, is taking a page from Canada and other countries and is seeking to lead the way in Asia in legalizing medical marijuana.”

11 June 2018: Bangkok Post, High Time for Change. Excerpt: “TCC [Thai Cannabis Corporation] will most likely be one of the first in line to get a license since it has been involved in research on cannabis sativa alongside the Royal Project Foundation from the start. “

16 May 2018: Chiang Rai Times, Draft Legislation on Medicinal Marijuana in Thailand Heads to Cabinet for Approval. Excerpt: Thailand’s slow shift towards marijuana legalization stands in stark contrast to America’s anarchic “Green Rush,” the greatest exhibition of human greed since gold was discovered in California in 1849.

15 May 2018: MJBizDaily, Thailand set to unveil medical cannabis law. Excerpt: “Any company that is participating in the global cannabis industry should consider being among the first to move the least-profitable links in its global supply chain to Thailand,” [Jim Plamondon, TCC VP/Marketing] said. “The money it saves by doing so can be invested in moving up the value chain towards establishing consumer brands, because that’s where the big money will be… because that’s where the big money always is.”

3rd May 2018Cannabis terapeutica: la Thailandia punta ad un punto di PIL, in Fuoriluogo (Italian).

2 May 2018: Avinash Tharoor published Thailand Authorises Country’s First Medical Cannabis Programme in Talking Drugs.

30 April 2018: Peter Maguire, author of 2013’s Thai Stick, published an excellent piece in SE Asia’s prestigious The Diplomat entitled Thailand’s Legendary Marijuana. Excerpt: “Who can forget the first strange-looking Thai Sticks a decade ago! Dense, seedless, stronger than a bull elephant. Years before sophisticated sinsemilla techniques were incorporated into the crop management of U.S. growers,” wrote High Times magazine, the journal of record for pot connoisseurs, “the Thais were, without effort, turning out a superior product.”