Wealthy Farmers Program

Wealthy Farmers Industry is a new venture by the Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC). It is in partnership with industry experts who have developed with TCC an economic model for building wealth and value into many Thai farmers.

Wealthy Farmers Industries builds cultivation standards in farms to produce international standard crops. These high standard crops can then demand global market prices with floor pricing that can support farm investment.

Wealthy Farmers further recognizes that many Asian farmers do not have access to capital or technology and are somewhat insulated from global markets. The solution is that Wealthy Farmers will finance and operate state of the art agricultural equipment in a contracted farming arrangement with farmers that will see their farm productivity increase considerably. This will increase the revenues to the farmers beyond any level they could achieve themselves while developing a cultivation capacity to meet global demand.

We have already seen that Industrial Hemp can be produced at 60% of the cost of the west with the application of modern farming techniques. This applies also to sorghum and medical cannabis. Indeed it interpolates to many crops.

A quick analysis of the Bioplastics pellet market place identified that there are few to no pellets for the fabrication of bioplastics to replace fossil fuel plastic products relative to the size of the market. The coordination of a large number of farms to grown industrial hemp and sorghum in rotation (for soil health and therefore productivity which is a wealth driven consideration) would provide for the $200 billion bioplastics industry with phenomenal potential for increased growth to help subsistence farmers break their poverty cycle.

We see a similar scenario in the Pulp industry. We know there exists a huge gap in the sorghum for fuel and food markets. This strategy has the opportunity to develop hundreds of billions of dollars of agricultural demand in Thailand and Asean. 

Wealthy Farmer Industries is at the confluence of the global demand and the factories taking the farm produce to international standards. For more information, please visit www.wealthyfarmers.net

Please note that Single use plastic technology is not ready for application at this time, the plastics that can be replaced are the polyethylene and polypropylene plastics.