VISION: A sustainable global cannabis industry in which Thailand:

  • Captures its fair share of the global cannabis industry’s profits;
  • Improves its GDP;
  • Enhances its employment opportunities;
  • Respects its environment;
  • Continues its tradition of innovation in cannabis through R&D and education;
  • Enables its manufacturers to penetrate new markets; and
  • Improves the lives of cannabis farmers in Thailand and beyond.

MISSION: To enable cannabis consumers to improve the world by purchasing only those cannabis products that most sustainably:

  • Reduce poverty,
  • Respect the environment,
  • Revitalize communities, and
  • Raise quality, at a
  • Respectable price.

Being the first company in your niche to secure lower-cost suppliers is a competitive advantage; being the last is suicidal. My advice: be first.

Beau Whitney, Founder, Whitney Economics

The natural advantages which one country has over another in producing particular commodities are sometimes so great that it is acknowledged by all the world to be in vain to struggle with them. By means of glasses, hotbeds, and hot walls, very good grapes can be raised in Scotland, and very good wine too can… Continue reading Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations (1776, IV.2.15)

Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations (1776, IV.2.15)

Excerpt from Thailand’s Legendary Marijuana: The difference between Thai marijuana and most Vietnamese and Cambodian cannabis, was the difference between bathtub corn whiskey and single malt scotch. In 1967, one amazed DEA agent to called it “the Cuban cigar of the marijuana world.” “Who can forget the first strange-looking Thai Sticks! Dense, seedless, stronger than… Continue reading Peter Maguire

Peter Maguire