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About us

The Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC) establishes commercial supply chains to grow, process, and sell medicinal plants (and their derivatives) in Thailand, as described below.



The plant whose scientific name is Cannabis sativa L., commonly known as the cannabis plant, is legally divided into two categories based on the percentage of THC that a variant contains:

Cannabis plants produce another medicinally-useful chemical: CBD. CBD is relatively unregulated (in Thailand and internationally). Therefore, a cannabis plant that contained a very high percentage of CBD, but which had a THC percentage below the legal threshold, could be called “medicinal cannabis,” but not “marijuana.”


Kratom is a medicinal plant made from the leaves of the tropical tree with the scientific name Mitragyna speciosa. In Southeast Asia, kratom has been an important part of traditional herbal medicine for millennia. Today, kratom is legal at the federal level in the USA and in many other nations, with many known medicinal uses. Thailand recently legalized kratom along with cannabis.


The Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC) has initiated and/or participated in the creation of many business networks, including:

Thai Traditional Treatments and Therapies Network (4TN): Focused on the production, processing, and sale of the herbal products regulated primarily by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM), including cannabis and kratom. 4TN is closely associated with the temples of Thailand’s state religion, Buddhism, which provide spiritual and physical healing services to most of Thailand’s 70 million people. 4TN’s first clinic opened in February 2022.

WealthyFarmers: Focused on building farm revenues and wealth through commercial strategy planning, WeathyFarmers builds profitable supply chains from farmer to consumer. 4TN (above) can be seen as an application of WeathyFarmers’ approach to marijuana (also known as “medicinal cannabis”) in Thailand.



Co-Founder, Primary Shareholder, and VP of Human Resources: Mrs. Sukanlaya “Suki” Land (below).

Suki 2
Mrs. Sukanlaya “Suki” Land, Co-Founder and VP of Human Resources

Suki, a Thai citizen, is a former elected representative of the National Council on Peace and Order, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Ampur Khon Buri. Her goal is to build Thailand’s cannabis export industry to benefit all Thais. Certified in Human Resources, the Company will rely on Suki to ensure that the Company’s compliance with Thailand’s HR rules, requirements, and documentation are Above Reproach™.

Chief Agriculture Officer: Mr. Sirot Chutiwat (below).

Mr. Sirot Chutiwat, Chief Agriculture Officer.

After completing his Master’s Degree in Agriculture at the University of Nebraska, Sirot — a Thai citizen — returned to Thailand, where he filed and managed Thailand’s first successful application to grow cannabis. At Chiang Mai’s Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, he conducted research into cannabis breeding, cultivation, and processing. Sirot will manage TCC’s agricultural operations to ensure that TCC’s processes and products are  Above Reproach™.

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Tropical Growmaster: Mr. Don Land (below)

Mr. Don Land, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Tropical Growmaster.

For more than 35 years, Don was an active member of the USA’s Pacific Coast’s informal cannabis industry, mastering every phase of production and distribution. In 2009, he relocated to Thailand, where he married Sukanlaya Land (above). In the years since then, Don has studied the outdoor cannabis growing techniques used in, or applicable to, Thailand, and consulted with Thailand’s Government, pro bono, on its evolving plans to revive Thailand’s previously-lucrative cannabis export industry in today’s legal context. No Westerner in Thailand knows more about growing Western-quality cannabis outdoors in Thailand, or has built stronger relationships in every cannabis-related department of Thailand’s government, than “Khun Don.” Don will ensure that every aspect of the Company’s grow operations are  Above Reproach™.

VP Marketing: Mr. Jim Plamondon (below)

Jim Plamondon, VP of Marketing

After a distinguished career in the computer software industry,  Jim is building a network of Thai and overseas partners that will help establish TCC as a leader in the global cannabis industry. He will ensure that the Company’s marketing & communications are Above Reproach™.

Global Advisory Council

TCC’s Global Advisory Council keeps TCC up to date on cannabis industry, science, and medicine around the world, and serves as a confidential advisory body when TCC’s management seeks expert answers to specific questions.

Industrial-Scale Agriculture: Rod Bassett (below)

Rod Bassett, Independent Director, Industrial-Scale Agriculture
Rod Bassett, Adviser, Industrial-Scale Agriculture

One of SE Asia’s most experienced senior managers of industrial-scale agricultural projects, the Company relies on Rod to ensure that the Company can scale up rapidly and efficiently.

Medical Research: Dr. Robert Melamede (below)

Dr. Robert Melamede, Independent Director, Medical Research
Dr. Robert Melamede, Adviser, Medical Research

An international leader in researching the therapeutic applications of cannabis, Dr. Melamede helps ensure that the Company’s products advance the state of the art.

Product Development: Richard Rose (below)

Richard Rose, Independent Director, Product Development
Richard Rose, Adviser, Product Development

One of the cannabis industry’s pioneer entrepreneurs, Richard helps the Company ensure that its products meet the needs of consumers and manufacturers worldwide, and that it efficiently productizes every cannabis by-product.